Self Medication – A Suicide…

There is no second question about the fact that the standards of human health have improved y a hundred folds over the last ten decades or so. and this improvement in the standards of health facilities and living styles has been possible due to a dramatic improvement in the information technology which did help the medical scientists to experiment new things and come up with better life saving drugs to serve humanity. With better set of machinery and chemicals available scientists today are better able to devise new sorts of drugs which are curing different diseases and are making sure that human life standards are getting improved.
Now, there are different forms of drugs available today. All these drugs are life saving drugs but it is important to know that one cannot recommend a drug to oneself without consultation of a qualified and experienced consultant. And the reason behind this is the fact that different drugs react differently to out body. Therefore, a drug which might be useful in curing one disease may not e that useful in curing another. In some cases, the side effects of self medication have been so severe that patients had lost their lives. Does that mean these life saving drugs can be harmful? Certainly not! But this means that a wrong administration of drugs can be harmful and this makes quite a bit of sense.
Therefore, it would always be advisable to make sure that you are going to take drugs only after consulting with a doctor and getting your medical issues diagnosed first. In some cases, the problem is not asking for drugs and can be easily fixed by slight adjustment in the daily diet. Therefore, it needs to be remembered that self medication is a sheer suicide no matter whichever drug you are taking!

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