Self Medication; A Practice That Needs To Be Addressed…

Humanity owes a lot to medical science, this simply goes without saying! A number of innovations and advancements in medical science have lead to a better life of human beings on planet earth. And the synthesis of life saving drugs has been one of those services. There are a number of life saving drugs which have always been playing a vital role in improving out living standards.
These life saving drugs are specific in their actions. One can understand their working principle as lock and key principle. As a single key cannot be used to unlock all doors and there has to be a specific key for a specific lock, on similar lines there is a specific medicine for a specific diseases or physiological disturbance. In most of the developing countries, due to illiteracy and ignorance, the practice of self medication is quite common. People would consider it wise to suggest themselves a medicine based on their experience. Sometimes, this practice may even pay off and they may get the better off the diseases but the fact of the matter remains that this sort of practice always poses a threat to their life. Many such cases have been brought to light where patients lost their lives because the administrated medicine was not medically recommended by a practitioner and due to some side effects or reaction of the medicines, the patient expired. Now, there is a need to address this case and there is a need to run such awareness programs which would rather explain why it is important to visit a doctor before taking any pill. Medicines are not lethal or fatal but the use of the medicines can be lethal or fatal. Only a few minutes’ visit to any doctor can certainly save your life and those of your family members.

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