All You Need To Know About Administrating Drugs

Around 200 years ago, five out of ten such men who used to fall ill would die because there was no concept of proper medication and drugs. But the situation is lot more different in this era of modernization where proper drugs are available to treat different diseases. Life saving ding drugs is a great service to human race. There are different drug available to treat different diseases. Many of the disease found these days are caused by bacterial agents. For these, there are many antibiotic drugs available which would cure any such disease. However, for any disease associated with viral attacks, there hasn’t been any such drug manufactured yet. Since the mode of attack of viruses is completely different from other categories of germs, scientists have not been able to understand how to counter this attack. Still, many drugs in the form of vaccines are used these days to prevent such viral diseases.
It is important to mention here that although these life saving drugs are good for us, still one should not go for any sort of self medication under any condition. Self medication means taking a drug without prescription of a doctor or physician. There have been hundreds of cases where these life saving drugs did claim the life of the patient because the drug wasn’t taken according to the recommendation of the medical practitioner. Therefore, it is always recommended to take the drugs only in that time, pattern and dosage as recommended by your doctor. Similarly, a drug which may be useful for 25 years old may not be useful for an infant. This should also be taken into consideration while administrating drugs to any patient.
Thus it can be safely concluded that life saving drugs are indeed a great service to mankind.

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