Drugs for Ailments

Photo credit: ronnieb from morguefile.com

Drug is a substance which causes medicinal, performance enhancing, intoxicating or other effects when taken to body. In pharmacology drugs are used in treatment sector, mainly in prevention, cure or diagnosis of a disease. For physical or mental well being enhancement pharmacologists prescribe drugs for patients suffering from various diseases. The name originated from the French word “drogue”.

The main difference between drugs and endogenous biochemical is drugs are introduced from outside of the body. For example take a consideration about insulin. It’s a hormone which synthesized in body but when it is used from outside, it’s called drugs.

Complex drugs molecules most of the time consist numerous hydrogen and carbon atoms along with few oxygen and nitrogen atoms. Some may consist of chlorine atoms also like chloral hydrate.

From the very beginning of the mankind human being had always a desire to eat or drink substances which make them feel better and relaxed. From the curiosity and interest human being first took a giant step to take first medicine. From thousands of years drugs are being used in medicinal or relaxation purpose.

From the early Egyptian times wine are being used. Narcotics are used from 4000 BC and marijuana was first used in China as medicine in 2737 BC. As the time went by, to alleviate aches, pains and other ailments home remedies were discovered. Herbs, roots mushrooms or fungi’s were drunk, eaten or rubbed on the skin to get relief from the pains. Chinese scholar Shen Nung wrote a book about herbs and its use in medicinal purpose around 2735 BC. It’s one of the oldest records found about the use of medicine and its effect in human body.

Since the dawn of our species drugs are being used with spiritual and religious values. The drugs which come with spiritual or religious use are known as entheogens. Some religions simply allow only certain drugs and there’s a strict rule not to use some kinds of drugs.

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